Zion Williamson continues to show why he’s simply not of this world


The 18-year-old star has been leaving fans speechless since making his college debut for the Duke Blue Devils in early November.

Williamson headlines a star studded squad that has three players all expected to be selected in the top five picks of the 2019 NBA Draft.

But it’s constantly the otherworldly feats of Williamson that captures the national headlines and takes the shine away from his teammates.

He stands at six-foot eight-inches, the same height as LeBron James, and weighs roughly 120 kilograms, around the same as superstar linebacker for the Chicago Bears Khalil Mack.

In his teams 13 games so far this season, the up and coming superstar is averaging 20 points and just under 10 rebounds per game.

The numbers alone are enough to leave fans and basketball scouts salivating, but it’s the constant highlight reel plays that capture everyone’s eyeballs.

And he showed off potentially two of the craziest plays you’re likely to see for the entire college season, in the one game.

In yet another one-sided clash, the Blue Devils took apart the Clemson Tigers 87-68 but it wasn’t the scoreline everyone was talking about.

Instead it was this unbelievable photo that showed off just how not of this world the teenager really is.

Here’s some things to help put this already insane looking picture into an even more remarkable space.

Williamson’s head is level with the rim, which is around 3m off the ground and his right hand is so high it’s not even 100 per cent capture in the picture.

Oh and the guy whose shot he is blocking? That’s Clemson forward Elijah Thomas, who is just a lazy six-foot, nine-inches tall.

The reaction of everyone in the background of the photo sums it up really, this kid is like nothing we’ve seen in college basketball in a really long time.

Good luck trying to get a shot anywhere near the rim when Williamson is patrolling the paint.

But as good as the defensive efforts were, it was a play on the other end of the floor that melted social media.

After stealing the ball from a Clemson opponent, Williamson sauntered towards the rim and launched into an unbelievable 360 dunk.

Which he made look as easy as pouring a cup of coffee in the morning.

Fans continue to lose their minds over the plays he makes and we can expect plenty more as the supreme athlete continues to show he’s a man among boys on the college court.

The dunk pushed his total to 30 so far in the season, one more than the combined total of the 13 opponents the Blue Devils have played.

He’s tipped to take out the National Player of the Year Award, ahead of teammate RJ Barrett, and looks set to become a game changing selection in the NBA Draft.

Teams in the lower trenches of the NBA standings are watching every single moment and dissecting every facet of his game in the hopes of adding the athletic freak to their squad.

All we know is that this may be Earth’s first contact with an alien life form and we cannot take our eyes away.