Coronavirus Victoria: What do Victoria stage 4 lockdown restrictions mean for you?

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Victorians will face tougher restrictions on their movement under the state of disaster declared on Sunday.

Below is a list of the new restrictions that Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Sunday. This story will be updated with more detail as it becomes available.


There will be a curfew from today - 8pm to 5am with exemptions for work, caregiving, medical and compassionate reasons.


Maximum one hour daily within 5km of home, with one other person - no family/share house groups. There is an exemption for dependent children.

"Daily exercise is just that. It's an opportunity to get some exercise. It's not an opportunity to live our lives as if this pandemic was not real and not here," Mr Andrews said.

"When it comes to exercise, it's no longer three sets of tennis or a game of golf or any of that. It is staying close to home and only once per day and only one person. That is really very, very important as well.

"The whole issue of one hour really puts beyond doubt some of those recreational activities anyway because you simply wouldn't be able to conduct some of those things in an hour."


Only one person per household per day within 5km or closest supermarket.

There is an exemption for caregiving, assisting the elderly.


Monday - as per current program

Tuesday - pupil free day

Wednesday - all classes return to remote learning statewide


Childcare will be closed.

There will be an exemption for vulnerable children and children of permitted workers.

Intimate partners

There will be an exemption from the 5km limit for people to visit their intimate partners.


Takeaway and home delivery allowed subject to conditions.

Bottle shops

Will remain open.

Public transport

Restricted overnight train services - returns to pre-Night Network program.

Some Protective Services Officers deployed from Night Network to enforcement.


Banned from Thursday

There are exemptions for compassionate reasons.


Organised sport, recreation,golf and fishing are all banned.

Regional Victoria

Moves to current stage 3 restrictions from Thursday

Mitchell Shire

Remains on current stage 3 restrictions.