In custody


In the vision, aired tonight on 7NEWS, senior constable Andrew Barber can be seen shoving the teen back into a cell before slamming her into the cell seat, sitting on her and then trying to hit the girl in the head.

The assault happened at the Northbridge watch house in May.

Snr Con Barber had left the 16-year-old’s cell door open so she could get some fresh air before he snapped.

The girl called the Snr Con a “dog” before kicking the cell door as he was closing it.

The vision shows Snr Con Barber then lash out, telling her “f*** you b****” before he assaulted her.

“F***** kick that s*** into my head,” he can be heard telling the girl.

Snr Con Barber, who has worked as a police officer for 11 years, was today granted a spent conviction over the assault on the 16-year-old.

The court heard the teen ended up at the watch house after she was arrested earlier in the night over an attempted robbery.

Describing Snr Con Barber’s actions as “a gross over reaction to the situation”, a magistrate today fined him $2500.

Andrew Barber was stood aside after the assault but not stood down - restricted to desk duties.

The Senior Constable will remain stood aside pending the outcome of a review by WA Police.