No jail time for drug-using model blasted by judge for looking bored


A Lithuanian model branded a "princess" for her courtroom antics has avoided jail despite admitting to drug possession.

Jonita Ragaisyte admitted possessing GHB-alternative butanediol as well as n-ethylhexedrone, a drug similar to methamphetamine.

Jonita Ragaistye leaves court on Monday.

Jonita Ragaistye leaves court on Monday.Credit:AAP

Police found an "Aladdin's cave" of drugs at the Docklands apartment the 27-year-old shared with her then-boyfriend Cemre Volkan in 2017.

"In my view you came to Australia as a student with the best of intentions," Judge Christopher Ryan said in his sentencing remarks on Monday.

"However you became romantically entangled with your co-offender who introduced you to GHB and your life went downhill from there to the point where you are now homeless, impecunious ... save for the support of your parents."

At the model's pre-sentence hearings last week, the judge blasted her for looking bored.

"It does your cause no good to sit and stare at the ceiling as if this is all too boring because you just might find yourself bored at Dame Phyllis Frost prison for women," he said at the time.

The judge also described her as "a bit of a princess" for her behaviour and questioned her career goals.

"She has worked previously as a model and when she is in better physical health it is also anticipated that that will be open to her again," Ragaisyte's lawyer Megan Casey said last week of her client's future.

"Let's lower the guns to a more-reasonable trajectory – pulling coffees in a cafe might be more achievable," Judge Ryan responded.

Ragaisyte's ex-partner, Volkan, was jailed last year for drug trafficking and possession after police found cocaine, GHB, ketamine, LSD, MDMA, steroids and testosterone at the apartment.

The court has heard Ragaisyte came to Australia from Lithuania on a student visa in 2013 and three years later began dating Volkan, known as Red Ra in bodybuilding circles.

He had previously dated socialite Brynne Edelstein.

The model was also caught with methamphetamines she forgot was in her Chanel handbag while visiting Volkan in jail months after the raid on their apartment.

She was charged with those offences more than a year later, however the matter was dealt with administratively.

The judge believed the model's offending should be seen in the light of her "vulnerability and dependency" on Volkan.

"Ultimately the last 2½ years since the imprisonment of your co- offender ... have rendered you a vulnerable young woman who is socially isolated in Australia," he said.

Ragaisyte pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing a drug of dependence and prosecutors argued for a "short, sharp sentence" of imprisonment.

Instead, the model was convicted and ordered to be of good behaviour for two years.

The judge warned Ragaisyte if she committed a criminal offence she would be back before him.

"Once again your liberty will be at risk ... I advise you not to come back to me," Judge Ryan said.