Powerball $100 million lotto: Luckiest numbers for lottery jackpot


“While Powerball is a random game of chance, and every number has an equal chance of being drawn, there are some numbers we have seen drawn out of the barrel more often than others,” The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney said.

“Players interested in trying their hand at choosing their numbers may mark ‘hot’ numbers in the hope they live up to their reputation of being drawn more often.

“Or would they choose to use ‘cold’ numbers in the belief their turn to be drawn is just around the corner?

“We’ve even had previous winners tell us they avoid both sets of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers, instead picking those numbers that aren’t getting any attention.”

For the “main barrel”, where seven numbers are drawn from 35, the hot number over the last 16 months is 17, closely followed by 2, while the cold number is 12.

For the Powerball barrel, where the single number between one and 20 is drawn, there are three hot numbers — 3, 13, and 19. Number 1 hasn’t been drawn at all over that period and 18 has only come up once.

Earlier in the week, superstitious Australians shared their unusual lucky charms. From a rabbit’s foot to a cat’s whisker, one in five lottery players say they leaned on superstitions and would refuse to purchase their ticket without their favoured charm.

“While some players place their trust in more traditional lucky charms, like a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, or a spiritual figurine, others use more unique and personal items,” The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said.

“One player said they always carried their lucky numbers scribbled on a decade-old napkin, another had collected their cat’s whiskers after they fell out, while one lady told us she always kept a piece of ginger in her handbag.

“Many admitted they’d never even think about leaving the house without their lucky charm and certainly wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket if they weren’t holding on to it.”

The record for Australia’s biggest individual lottery win was set in January this year when a Sydney woman took home $107,575,649.08.

At the time, the healthcare worker, who wished to remain anonymous, shocked many by insisting she would keep working despite her bulging bank account.

She said she planned to share her winnings with her family, give “a whole slab of money” to her favourite charity, and perhaps even “buy a caravan and travel around”.

“I’m so passionate about my job. It will drive me to do more health work for causes important to me,” she told The Lott at the time.

“I’m not quite sure what to do but of course I will be helping my family.”

The $100 million Powerball draw 1217 closes at 7.30pm on Thursday.

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