[PC] Steam - Aliens v Predator Collection - $2.79 AUD - Fanatical[Migage]


This is a great price for a very fun and enjoyable game that will give you hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

For the less than half the price of a coffee you will get:


ALIENS VS PREDATOR BUGHUNT MAP PACK: The Bughunt Map Pack welcomes players to the killing grounds of BG-386. Prove your skills on four new multiplayer maps spanning jungle swamps, Alien crash sites, industrial complexes and ancient temples. Your environment will be your deadliest enemy - constant rain storms batter you, fog hides your predators with only a flash of lightning to show the way through. The Bughunt Map Pack also features two maps for survivor mode and two maps for all other multiplayer modes. In addition to the never-ending Alien swarm, players must also contend with their environment.
A constant rainstorm batters the colony, with intermittent flashes of lightning illuminating the environment to show the Marines attackers bearing down on him. After each wave is completed, the fog rolls in for the start of the next one as ghostly shapes begin to stalk the player. With geometry purpose built to suit Alien navigation, Monument - Survivor map provides a challenge to players who are already familiar with Survivor. Aliens can appear from any direction, and if the player stands still for too long they become vulnerable to the Jungle Alien “spitters” who are present in this level.

ALIENS VS. PREDATOR SWARM MAP PACK: The Swarm Map Pack brings a whole new dimension to the action and excitement of Aliens vs. Predator with four all-new online maps. It also includes two new Multiplayer maps for six different online modes – Docks, where horror comes from the deep at Weyland-Yutani’s abandoned dockyard, and Outpost – reclaimed by BG-386’s voracious jungle plant life, this is the perfect hunting ground for all manner of wildlife.
There’s also Hive – where marines must venture deep in the heart of Freya’s Prospect to defeat the Xenomorph Hive, and Machine – where players must test their bravery in the Refinery. The lights may be on, but nobody’s home… yet.

About the game:

Get up-close with two of sci-fi's most popular, deadly creatures as they go to war in Aliens vs Predator - Collection, which includes individual Steam keys for the base game as well as the Bughunt Map Pack DLC and Swarm Map Pack DLC. Featuring three outstanding single player campaigns and providing untold hours of unique three-way multiplayer gaming, experience thrilling first-person gameplay as you survive, hunt and prey in the deadly jungles and swamps surrounding the damned colony of Freya's Prospect.

The three campaigns in the game, are separate in terms of individual plot and gameplay, form one overarching storyline.

As in the films, the Predator prefers to stalk its prey from the safety of treetops and the gameplay reflects this, the player leaps from branch to branch automatically with the help of a "focus jumping" game mechanic. The Predator has different vision modes, the most recognizable from the films being a thermal imaging scanner, but the player also has different vision modes for spotting Aliens (only accessible from a special mask the player picks up in-game) and viewing the world normally. The Heat Vision mode allows the player to see marines very clearly, while it renders Aliens nearly invisible. Regular vision allows one to see the environment and other predators better than the former two visions, making battles between two or all three species a tactical juggle to prioritize enemies based on their threat to the player.
The Predator’s gameplay is more based on stealth and tactics than the average first-person shooter. The player has to be aware of Aliens, which have the ability to see through a Predator's cloaking device, that may climb up a tree and attack from below as well as taking care not to reveal themselves to marines too early as the marines’ weaponry and numbers are more than a match for the Predator. For long-range weaponry, the Predator can use a shoulder-mounted plasma cannon in addition to a glaive-like disc and a combi stick (or throwing spear). For close-range combat, the Predator has four retractable wrist blades on its arms.

Aliens fight in close-quarters with their claws and tails, getting as close as possible to their prey as quickly as possible. Aliens have the ability to climb walls and jump from distances without much effort, and can blend in with shadows, using darkness to their advantage. Within limited ranges, aliens can seek out prey through walls. These senses also allow Aliens to clearly observe cloaked Predators. In the single player campaign, players will have the opportunity to harvest "hosts". By pinning the host, nearby face-huggers are able to locate and latch on to them, thereby propagating the Hive. Throughout the game, the player also has the opportunity to perform "stealth kills".

The Colonial Marine campaign is far closer to that of a standard first-person shooter. Marines carry a wide arsenal including pulse rifles, flamethrowers, and auto-tracking Smartguns. To help navigate the surroundings, marines are equipped with shoulder-mounted lamps, surveying flares to briefly illuminate darkened areas, and motion trackers, capable of providing info on hostile positioning as they move.


Note: Thanks to OnlinePred for pointing out this deal in the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/390284

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