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Trump to make first state visit to UK in June, sources say
China buys a lot of Iranian oil, and it's not happy at all with US sanctions
New IRA claims responsibility for North Ireland Journalist Lyra McKee's death
Has Islamist extremism arrived in Sri Lanka?
Confusion and blame in Sri Lanka after bloody Easter Sunday attacks
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Democrats offer divergent takes on impeachment and other top takeaways from CNN's town halls
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Takeaways from Kamala Harris' CNN town hall
Kamala Harris on Trump: 'I believe Congress should take the steps towards impeachment'
Takeaways from Pete Buttigieg's CNN town hall
Pete Buttigieg: 'God doesn't have a political party'
Buttigieg on Trump official's 'hate hoax' criticism: 'I'm not a master fisherman, but I know bait when I see it'
Exxon is helping China move away from coal
Sri Lanka's economy is fragile, and it depends on tourism
Takeaways from Bernie Sanders' CNN town hall
Kamala Harris promises swift executive action if Congress doesn't pass gun control legislation
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