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Coca-Cola partners with a Chinese dairy company to sponsor the Olympics
In Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher's murder trial, expert couldn't conclude that victim was stabbed
Myanmar shuts down internet in conflict areas as UN expert warns of potential abuses during blackout
'The Hills: New Beginnings' cast may be in their 30s, but they might as well still be in high school
No Iran strikes, but Trump's sanctions play still risks war
The board that reviews transportation accidents says the FAA ignored its safety suggestions for skydiving planes
McDonald's started using fresh meat. Here's what happened to sales
Xiaomi asked art majors to help design its latest smartphones
The world's favorite super-cheap computer just got a big upgrade
737 Max pilot sues Boeing for career damage, 'severe emotional and mental stress'
US uses images of canceled aid programs to promote peace plan
Hundreds packed a Korean War veteran's funeral when he died without surviving family members in Nebraska
Former New Hampshire student in prep school rape case released from jail
Trump considering a visit to Korean DMZ
Most recent American death in Dominican Republic due to heart failure, attorney general's office says
Family dismisses 'Gone Girl' theory in mother's disappearance
Internal division over border bill erupts in Democrats' closed door meeting
A black, transgender and disabled model just landed her first major magazine cover
The facts behind Trump's push for the Fed to cut rates
Trump won't reveal his confidence level in FBI Director Chris Wray
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