3 Lunch Meals for $3 on 26/10, 27/10 & 30/10 (Normally $7.49/ $7.99 + 30 Day Commitment) @ Mealpal (Melbourne & Sydney)[Migage]


This seems like a good deal for those who don't want to commit to a lot of meals. So sign up for the 3 meals with no further commitment then cancel otherwise they'll put you on a 12 meal plan on the 31st. New customers only.

I believe you can use

  • List of places that accept Mealpal (e.g. Mr. Burger, Sumo Salad, Salsas, Spudbar, + non-chain local places)
  • Can only be used on weekdays for lunch.
  • Pick your lunch on the website before lunch (5PM-9:30AM), select pickup time, hit reserve. Pick up your meal at set time and no need to wait in line.

Haven't used it myself as all the places are in the CBD and I'm not.


You will pay $3 + tax at check out. This will cover the cost of your meals on Thursday 26/10, Friday 27/10 and Monday 30/10. Your account will be upgraded to a 12 Meal Plan account starting on 31/10. You may cancel your account at any time, including before the account upgrades on 30/10.

This offer is available to new customers only. Offer expires tonight, 25th October at 11:59pm.

Screenshot of email. Note: Link is not a referral link, it just uses the same URL structure as referrals.

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