FREE Dr. Doug Groothuis Credo Course "Christian Apologetics 101" Video[Migage]


Free Video Normally $199.99, Audio also free for now on this course and a few others.

Dr. Douglas Groothuis is Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary. This class covers arguments for the Christian worldview while critiquing non-Christian accounts of reality.

This course consists of 30 sessions each around 25-30 minutes in length covering all major aspects of the field of Christian Apologetics. There are also 800+ on-screen slides throughout the course to make it easier to pause and take notes.

The length of these lectures makes them perfect for a wide range of application:

Seminary and university courses
Personal study
Small-group study
Homeschool classes
With hundreds-of-millions of followers across the globe, Christianity has, for centuries, stood at the forefront of intellectual thought. Recently, however, many have begun to question the Christian Worldview. The faith of many has been shaken by the perceived divide between faith and science.

Should Christians be worried that their beliefs don’t measure up in an age of modernity?

The Course: List of Lectures
Introduction to Apologetics
The Biblical Basis for Apologetics
Logic, Methodology, and Worldview Analysis
Apologetical Limits and the Christian Worldview
Objections to Christianity
Truth: Defined and Defended (Part 1)
Truth: Defined and Defended (Part 2)
The Search for and Significance of Truth
The Place of Prudence in Apologetics
Objections to Natural Theology
The Ontological Argument
The Cosmological Argument
The Design Argument
Darwin and Intelligent Design (Part 1)
Darwin and Intelligent Design (Part 2)
The Moral Argument
The Religious Experience Argument
The Uniqueness of Humanity
Deposed Royalty: Pascal’s Anthropological Argument
Jesus and History
Claims and Credentials of Jesus
The Incarnation of Jesus
The Resurrection of Jesus (Part 1)
The Resurrection of Jesus (Part 2)
The Problem of Religious Pluralism
The Problem of Islam
The Problem of Evil
The Problem of Hell
Apologetics and the Old Testament
Taking It to the Streets

The Scholar: Dr. Douglas Groothuis
Dr. Douglas Groothuis Teaches Christian Apologetics

In this course, Dr. Douglas Groothuis presents a compelling case for Christianity and a case against non-Christian worldviews.

Dr. Groothuis is Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary in Colorado and the author of numerous books including Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith.

We’re not sure which he loves more, theology or jazz. Dr. Groothuis is a connoisseur of both.

Rather than sit on the sidelines, Groothuis encourages his students to take what they’ve learned and jump into the marketplace of ideas. In the last lecture of this course “Taking It to the Streets” (which is more than a song by the Doobie Brothers), Dr. Groothuis gives examples and advice for very practical ways believers can apply what they’ve learned.

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