FlexiRoam Plans 28% off (Possibly More) (Global Roaming SIM Sticker)[Migage]


Hi All

I've been browsing for a SIM for an upcoming trip and have been waiting for this to go on special. I got an alert on my phone to use a code for Valentines day for 35% off in the app, but I'm unsure if it's a one use code, so browsing on their website I found 28% off for Chinese new year using GXFC88.

Each SIM pack lasts only the set number of days from activation.
This is not a SIM, but a sticker that sticks onto your existing SIM. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds good and reviews look good.

Shipping to Australia is roughly $6.90 USD (~ 9 AUD)

1GB Starter kit - Normally $29.99 USD - Now $21.59 USD (~ 28 AUD) (90 Day expiry)
3GB Starter kit - Normally $79.99 USD - Now $57.59 USD (~ 74 AUD) (150 Day expiry)
7GB Starter kit - Normally $199.99 USD - Now $143.99 USD (~ 184 AUD) (360 Day expiry)

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