Mozilla Firefox 61.0 Beta 13 (Quantum) 发布[Migage]


Mozilla Firefox 61.0 Beta 发布,主要带来了Quantum引擎性能上的改进,优化了处理CSS的过程,让页面加载速度更快,并且用户还会感觉到切换标签页也会变快。同时Firefox 61.0 Beta还提供了对暗色主题的支持。有兴趣的朋友可以登录Mozilla FTP下载到这一版本。



  • Performance Enhancements:

    • Quantum CSS improvements which improve page rendering times

    • Improved page rendering speed with the new retained display list feature

    • Faster switching between tabs on Windows and Linux

    • WebExtensions now run in their own process on MacOS

  • Various improvements for dark theme support will provide a more consistent experience across the entire Firefox UI

  • Added the ability to share current the URL with MacOS sharing providers from the Page Actions menu

  • OpenSearch plugins offered by web pages can now be added from the page action menu for easier installation

  • Improved support for allowing WebExtensions to manage and hide tabs


  • The settings for customizing your homepage and new tab page in Firefox have been moved to a new Preferences section, Home. It can be accessed from the sidebar in Preferences or by visiting about:preferences#home

  • In order to improve user security, access to FTP subresources inside http(s) pages has been blocked


  • A new drop down menu was added to the Developer Tools Network panel to allow bandwidth throttling, rather than requiring users to do so via Responsive Design Mode

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