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Novel coronavirus appears to be stabilizing in China amid fears of new outbreak in Japan
A company with rights to remove artifacts from the Titanic asks court to allow it to recover famous radio
How much water does Jupiter really have? Here's what NASA's Juno mission found
A new use for McDonald's used cooking oil: 3D printing
Europe unveils a new plan to compete with Silicon Valley
Lime CEO: We made a lot of mistakes and we've learned from them
Coronavirus global death toll rises to more than 2,100
Minnesota Rep. Jim Hagedorn announces he has cancer
Fact-checking the Las Vegas Democratic debate
Take a break from Trump's government crisis to think about Democrats' identity crisis
Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders call for recounts in certain Iowa precincts
Florida surfer uses drone to capture awe-inspiring views of sharks
Speaking times at the Nevada Democratic debate
Judge says conditions in overcrowded border holding cells violate the Constitution, bans sleeping in bathrooms
Sen. Leahy presses Justice Department over involvement in Trump pardon spree
Off-duty officers in Kentucky who stopped a robbery during date night say it was just instinct
At least 8 killed in shootings in Hanau, Germany
Music video for 'Take On Me' hits one billion views on YouTube
Early vote boosts turnout in Nevada, but concerns about caucus day remain
Bernie Sanders to confront billionaire Michael Bloomberg on debate stage after years of railing against money in politics
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