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Amy Coney Barrett a perfect choice for half of America
TikTok ban: Here's the latest on the app's fate
China is doubling down on its territorial claims and that's causing conflict across Asia
Executives caught bragging of cozy government relationships as they sought approvals for controversial Alaskan gold mine
Top Trump officials seen not wearing masks or social distancing at White House Supreme Court announcement
Democrats say Barrett's nomination is all about the future of Obamacare
McConnell calls Barrett 'exceedingly well-qualified' and vows Senate floor vote 'in the weeks ahead'
A 5-year-old girl was killed in a stabbing incident in Chicago, police say
A kitten that looks like Baby Yoda was rescued from a California wildfire
Arkansas man finds 9-carat diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park
Portland on edge as far-right group holds rally with counterprotesters nearby
The Supreme Court hasn't been this conservative since the 1930s
A Texas teacher was fired for wearing a Black Lives Matter face mask
Donald Trump has now become a hugely consequential president
British prince receives fossilized shark tooth from naturalist David Attenborough
Oregon environmentalist George Atiyeh confirmed dead in Beachie Creek Fire, family says
The dangerous fight over Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's emergency powers
Trump set to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
8 Texas cities were alerted to a brain-eating amoeba found in water supply
4th grader suspended for having a BB gun in his bedroom during virtual learning
Page (2 of 1010)