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Has football gone too VAR?
What Donald Trump has already said about Ukraine tells us plenty
Yes, cats really do bond with people, study says, even if they don't always show it
Not all screen time causes kids to underperform in school, study says
Beekeeper group sues EPA over pesticide decision
Kroger will start selling longer-lasting avocados this week
Nestlé launches luxury KitKat bars — but they're not cheap
Man accused of shooting Chicago police officer charged with four attempted murders
'Oprah's Book Club' series is set to premiere on Apple TV+
Fall equinox 2019: Not as 'equal' as you may think
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Bernardo Silva: Man City star accused of 'racist' tweet
The new 'Frozen 2' trailer is full of action
Still unknown how Louisiana man died during underwater proposal, his sister says
Four baby squirrels were found with their tails braided together. Vets think it could be animal abuse
Transgender woman's shooting in Dallas being treated as a hate crime, police say
He left Beyond Meat to start a company that goes beyond meatless burgers
The market has spoken: Coal is dying
Dow set to fall as investors get nervous about Europe and trade
New York police are investigating thefts of jewelry worth over $350,000 from Trump Tower
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