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Navy launches internal investigation into controversial hand gesture captured on video
READ LETTER: Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer requests witnesses in Senate impeachment trial
Schumer requests four witnesses, including Mulvaney and Bolton, in letter to McConnell about Senate impeachment trial
Over 20 million people are under winter weather alerts from Colorado to West Virginia
The biggest week of Donald Trump's presidency
A rescue worker died while looking for a missing hiker on Mount Baldy in California
Comey says there was 'real sloppiness' in Carter Page FISA warrants
Violent protests erupt on streets of Beirut
Greta Thunberg and German railway company trade tweets about 'overcrowded trains'
Freshmen Democrats push for Amash to be impeachment manager in Senate trial, source says
A porch pirate stole a package from a home, then threw shade with a snarky thank-you note
Sea-Tac Airport to allow people without tickets to go past security
Analysis: Thousands dead, trillions spent and no clear victory. Now US heads for the exit in Afghanistan
This surveillance video shows the killing of an Arkansas police officer
Trump is set to host his 85th campaign rally since winning the White House. Here's why it'll be more than a speech
Schiff indicates he would like witnesses called and documents introduced in Senate impeachment trial
Chicken wars and fake meat are some of the food stories that defined 2019
Sally Field arrested at Jane Fonda's climate protest
Linda Ronstadt's biggest gamble
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta bring back their iconic 'Grease' characters
Page (2 of 1392)