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“The Farewell” is a poignant study of family, tradition and identity
British attitudes to welfare have undergone a quiet revolution
Digital editor, 1843 (maternity cover, London)
Senior editor, 1843 (London)
What is a tiebreak?
“It’s got the potential to become a really nasty dispute”—Japan v South Korea
America closes the doors to asylum-seekers from the South
America is detaining more migrants than ever before
With tenacity and torture, Venezuela’s awful regime is hanging on
Few things worry China’s elite more than getting their kids into Harvard
Heather Dewey-Hagborg mixes biotechnology and art
Contrary to the fears of some, penguins and people do mix
The business of the body
China’s growth is the slowest in nearly three decades: get used to it
“Making people fearful is an aim, not something to be avoided”—Trump’s immigration raids
Why much is at stake in a tale of teachers in Middle America
Helping people with learning disabilities into jobs
Beirut is still arguing over its post-war reconstruction
Latin America’s state-run oil giants are struggling
Argentina’s main presidential candidates are ignoring the biggest problems
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