Jessica Mauboy breaks down after contestant auditions with her song


Ella Monnery sang Little Things during her audition on the Channel 7 show with all four coaches turning their chairs.

Mauboy was visibly moved by the contestant’s song choice and said to her afterwards: “Oh my god … thank you for sharing that song, that was awesome.”

Mauboy then started crying as she explained what the song is about.

Ella Monnery.

Ella Monnery.Source:Channel 7

Jess Mauboy was in tears.

Jess Mauboy was in tears.Source:Channel 7

“That song I wrote about my mum,” the emotional coach said. “It’s really about not being heard, I guess, not being loved and nurtured enough, being kind of pushed down and suppressed almost.

“I guess for me, writing that song about my mum was watching her struggles and her challenges,” Mauboy continued. “I’m so proud of that song and I’m so proud to be able to have you stand there and sing that song to me.”

Jessica Mauboy with her mother Therese. Picture: Supplied/Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy with her mother Therese. Picture: Supplied/Jessica MauboySource:Supplied

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As Mauboy composed herself, Monnery told the coaches that she appeared on The Voice last season as well.

“I made it through the blinds. I was on Team Kelly (Rowland). I won my battle and then went back home to New Zealand and got stuck there because of Covid,” she explained. “So I didn’t get to come back. That was devastating for me.”

Monnery said she wanted to give the reality show “another shot” and eventually chose to join Mauboy’s team.

You can check out Monnery’s audition below.

The Voice continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 7