Mind the start button


According to Bryce Templeton of Mudgeeraba (Qld), “one of the things that seems to have been forgotten with the submarine deal is that the secondhand American subs will have to be converted to right-hand drive, including putting the windscreen wipers on the correct side and fitting yellow blinkers.” As Bryce has experience from converting a 1960 American Ford Falcon, he offers to do the job on the first three Virginia class subs, with help from some mates, “for the rock bottom price of $1 billion. Of course, the UK subs wouldn’t need this conversion, but would probably be a bit eccentric with things like the speedo in the middle of the dashboard, or the starting button on the floor etc. Anyway, what do we prefer? A Chevy El Camino sub or a Morris Minor sub?”

In regard to Susan Haylock’s tale of the Morris Minor (C8), George Veness of Pennant Hills “also had one in the early 1960s, and I can confirm from experience that one does not ‘drive off rapidly’ in a Morris Minor. One drives off at a very leisurely pace.”

During her daily trip along The River Road to and from Liverpool in the 1980s, Anne Cloak of Bargo recalls that somewhere near Peakhurst “I occasionally passed a red Fiat Bambino with a large white key (C8), similar to those of old train-sets, turning in its rear engine.“

Jack Dikian of Mosman says that “a part of the rationale for the Kindle keeping tabs (C8) on when we’ve finished reading a book is to help us avoid what is called a ‘book hangover’ - that feeling that comes when the story is over, but we miss the characters and the plot so much that only a similar book can fix.“

Kindles are not the only thing being watched (C8). Last week Judy Bower of Burraneer took a recently gifted wristwatch into a high-end jeweller in Westfield Miranda to have its band adjusted. “I was ushered in by the doorman and presented the watch to the sales lady. No credit card was used, no names were exchanged, yet that afternoon I received a pop-up post on my Facebook page promoting the very same jewellery store.”

With all the problems relating to energy availability and pricing, Roger Holt of East Ryde asks: “Could C8 readers throw some light on how much power would be saved if the internet did not exist?”


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